Open to students ages 7-18. A syllabus that strictly follows the Vaganova method, while paying special attention to body placement and developing each child’s musicality, rhythm, coordination, and sense of individuality. Children from age 10 start learning the Vaganova Academy curriculum.


Open to students place in level 3 and above. Character dancing is a class that studies national folk dances from different countries including; Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, and more. Character dancing is a large part of any classical ballet, which is why it is so essential for coordination and musicality.


Open for students ages 7 and up. Children learn to develop their artistry and sense of individual movement while building on their classical base and not forgetting the basics of classical dance. Contemporary dance can help dancers to feel their body on stage in any roles that they dance.


Open for pre-professional students. Dancers learn classical repertoire and the choreography of all the major classical ballets, including; Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Le Corsaire, Don Quixote, La Bayadere, and others.


Open to children level 3 and up. Stretch and conditioning is the second most important subject after classical dance. Each child’s body is different, we use our method of stretching and conditioning to help each child safely develop their body in a way that facilitates movement in classical dance. We use techniques from gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet conditioning, pilates, and figure skating to create a well developed, agile dancer.


Open to children ages 4 and up. Children take their first steps in ballet with qualified instructors. At this age, they learn rhythm, beginning steps in classical ballet technique, stretching, as well as jumping and developing coordination.